As a Top Bespoke Matchmaker, I Know What Keeps People Single. Here Are 6 Reasons Why.

As a top Los Angeles-based matchmaker since 2008, I have had the privilege of putting thousands of couples together who went on to get married and start beautiful families. And the other side of the coin is that I have also had the vantage point of seeing from behind the scenes what keeps elite men and extraordinary women single. So, I put together a list, and here it is:

6 Reasons You’re Still Single

  1. You’re not willing to make room or reprioritize your life for someone.
  2. You think that a relationship (if you hit it off) should go fast, and you have no patience and want an instant boyfriend or girlfriend.
  3. You’re stuck on a fantasy where no one will ever be good enough to please you.
  4. You’re stuck in your ways. Your way of doing things, on your schedule, and you like it that way. You’re not willing to change it up.
  5. You have all these preconceived ideas about other single people, and you’re fearful. You’re suspicious about why he’s single rather than being hopeful and excited to meet a great guy. You’re like, “Hmm, wonder what’s wrong with him?” Or you’re afraid that women are only after your money instead of wanting an authentic connection.
  6. Last but not least: You are so stuck in your belief (whatever that is) that you won’t open up to new ways of doing things.

And as we get older, everything I mentioned above gets worse. Unless you make up your mind to continue to grow, evolve, improve, and stay happy and excited about the process.

I know what I’m saying is true — because I have been able to pair countless elite men and women looking for love with a 98% success rate.