“Thank you for all your love and support especially for introducing me to Kathy, who I adore. You have been very kind.”


“You are the best at what you do. THE BEST. Of the few Matchmaker I’ve worked with, you are head-and-shoulders above ALL of them put together.”


“We just wanted to let you know we got engaged!!! I wanted you to know that we always talk about you… and how grateful we are that you played Cupid! Thank you so much!! Forever thankful to you.”

— KAT F.

“Gina, I want to thank you for all of your incredible taste and hard work. I know it’s not an easy search that I requested, and what you’ve done so far is impressive. I know you really care, and that makes all the difference. Thank you.”


“I (and several other CEO friends) have used Gina with great satisfaction. I have used one or two other matchmakers, and Gina is the best, most diligent, focused, and attuned reader of couples of the lot. She focused on my individual needs and preferences and my life situation and found matches that were on target. She seems to really care. Equally as important was the feedback from the women about Gina. They, too, felt she understood them and clearly took the time to listen to them instead of their being another number or pretty face.”


“I’ve worked with other Matchmakers in the past, but Gina is above and beyond in every way. I wished I had known about her sooner. She is focused both on her male clients AND the matches she finds. If you are clear on who you are and what attributes you would prefer in a match, Gina will focus and is highly likely to find suitable matches. She is selective in both who she is willing to work with as a client and is discreet and diligent in interviewing prospective matches.”


“All I can say is why didn’t I hire you sooner? Your secret sauce is clearly because of all the time and energy you put in to finding these wonderful women. Megan makes me happier than I’ve ever been. Between you and me, I am taking her away this weekend to ask her to be my wife. Wish me luck!”


“It went really well last night! She’s super smart, beautiful and funny. We have a lot in common and ended up having a five hour-ish dinner and closed the restaurant at 12:30. I’ll call you later with more details.”


“Gina, you were right. She is super cool and smart. We are still here. She just went to restroom. Lovely date for sure. Stay tuned.”

— DAN T.

“It’s such a good fit Gina, thank you. She is hot, smart, fun and we have good chemistry. We are going on our fourth date this Sunday.”


“Guess what, Gina? T______ and I got engaged last night!! I have never met a better man in my life!”


“Gina, thank you, you work extremely hard and I have seen that in real life. You are genuine, honest….and successful. I’m sure MANY men & women are thankful for your skills over the years.”


“Lovely time tonight with my date. She is smart, sexy and ambitious. You knocked it out of the park.”


“Strong work Gina. We connected really quickly and I can’t wait to see here again. I haven’t felt this happy in 15 years. Thanks!”

— SAM B.