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Dating with modern technology

These days with all of the gadgets and gizmo’s out now our lives should be easier..right?

Well, when it comes to dating, it seems that some technology has been proven to be very useful for dating, while the misuse of technology has made dating more difficult and frustrating.

For example, online dating is a great way to meet people you might not ordinarily meet in your day-to-day life. You see someone you like on a dating site and send them an email. And because of email; you are now able to communicate faster and in a more private way. Rather than giving out a phone number to a complete stranger, giving out your email address is a safer alternative. However, it can also be a very impersonal way to communicate with someone. Often times on dating sites, you might come across the person that seems to just send emails with absolutely no interest in taking the next step. This is also true with people you meet anywhere.

If you are at the point where someone has your telephone number as well as your email…yet they still just email, then something’s wrong. Either they are not really available or they are not really interested in you. Getting email from someone you are interested in is fun at first. But, if it becomes the only means of communicating, then someone is going to get bored and eventually loose interest. Then there are text messages. Obviously, if someone is texting you, then they have your phone number. Texting is a great way to flirt and just say a quick “hi” ” I’m thinking about you”. But, if it is being over used and not in combination with real phone calls…it becomes obvious very quickly, that the “texter” is just playing games and killing time. Not to mention..running up your text-messaging bill!

How did people date before answering machines, cell phones and computers? Well, since they didn’t have the modern day conveniences we do, people had to make an EFFORT to get together with someone. They had to mean it, when they said, “I’ll call you” or ‘Want to go out next week?” Because it was harder to make contact, plans had to be made in advance and kept. When someone picked you up for a date….that was it, it was just the two of you..no interruptions. No cell phones to answer, no texts to send out. If you are not a doctor or a single parent, I see no reason to even bring your cell phone on a date. Period.

Dating with modern technology in review

1. If you have someone’s phone number or they have yours…call to ask them out or cancel a date. No emails or text when it comes to making or canceling plans.

2. Don’t over text. Say “Hi” or ‘I’m thinking about you” or ‘I’m late’. Anymore than that….call them.

3. No cell phones on dates. If you have to bring it, keep it in the car.