We Specialize in Providing A Bespoke, Carefully Curated Matchmaking Service

Our matchmaking service is tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. Our founder and owner personally vets, screens, and handpicks each potential match to ensure that they meet the highest standards of beauty, intelligence, and sophistication.

Our clients include some of the most successful and accomplished individuals in the world, and our service is designed to cater to their every need. We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality, which is why we offer a completely discreet and exclusive service.

Our approach is no-nonsense, straightforward, and honest. We take our business very seriously and act as a gatekeeper for our clients, protecting their interests and ensuring that they find the perfect partner.

“The final step of proper screening and vetting of each woman is equally as crucial, which I do personally.”

Our service is not for everyone. But for those who are serious about finding true love and ready to make the investment, then we are the perfect match.

If you’re a successful, driven individual who has everything but the perfect partner, we invite you to experience the world of Exclusive Matchmaking. Let us help you find the love you’ve been searching for.

I know the most exceptional women, so let me send you a few potential matches!

I provide international matchmaking for successful relationship oriented men who simply need access to the type of women they want to meet. Access and vetting are everything— so I handle all of that for you and get you to the front of the line with women who are one of a kind and who I know you want to meet. My taste is next-level, BTW.

If you are a successful man looking for a great relationship and simply need access to extraordinary women, then you are in the right place. I know some of the most exceptional and sought-after women who are NOT gold diggers but who are in search of a high-value man.

Take a minute to share a little bit more about yourself. Once we receive this information, Gina will follow up personally to discuss next steps.

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Gina’s Case Studies

Case Study #1:

Here is a success story of how working with Gina Hendrix changed one successful man’s life for the better.

Jack was a highly successful entrepreneur who had achieved great success in his career but struggled to find a fulfilling relationship. He had tried online dating and other so-called traditional matchmaking services, but nothing seemed to work. Jack was beginning to lose hope of finding someone who truly understood him. He even tried Seeking Arrangements thinking a transactional situation might be the best he could get. 

That’s when Jack was referred to Gina. Jack was initially skeptical, given his past experiences.

But, after meeting with Gina and seeing firsthand her personal approach, he immediately noticed the big difference. This was a unique experience as Gina took the time to get to know Jack and his values, interests, and lifestyle before ever agreeing to work with him. 

So, he decided to invest in something a bit different. A luxury-curated approach where he would work directly with the owner and founder to find his perfect match. No salespeople, no BS, or anyone who called themselves a “matchmaker” but really wasn’t. 

After meeting his first match, he knew he was in good hands. After meeting his 5th match, Sarah, there were no regrets. They immediately hit it off, and Jack felt a connection he had never felt before. As they went on more dates, he realized that this was the person he had been looking for all along.

Fast forward a few months, and Jack and Sarah are now happily engaged. They share similar goals and values and support each other in their careers. Jack credits Gina’s white-glove service for helping him find the love of his life and says that he would never have found her on his own.

So, don’t give up hope if you’re a successful man looking for a fulfilling relationship. Invest in a personalized matchmaking experience and a Matchmaker who cares about you to help you find your perfect match. 

Who knows, you could be the next success story.

Case Study #2:

David was a successful 38-year-old businessman who tried every dating app under the sun but couldn’t find the right match. He was frustrated with the constant swiping and meaningless conversations leading nowhere.

David knew he was looking for someone very specific and unique who had the looks he desired and shared his values and interests. But also someone who could understand the demands of his busy lifestyle. He was tired of wasting time and was beginning to lose hope that he would never find that person until he heard about Gina Hendrix and her no-nonsense VIP approach that specialized in connecting successful men with exceptional women.

David decided to take a chance and invest in the service. He was impressed by the personalized approach out of the gate. Gina took the time to get to know him and his preferences. She listened carefully to his needs and gave him a list of curated, handpicked matches. And an honest review of the ladies, all of whom she had personally met in person. 

David was amazed by the quality of the introductions he received. Gina carefully selected each woman based on his high standards, interests, and values, and he felt a genuine connection with each person he met. He was finally meeting women who were absolute know-outs (his words) he connected with on a deeper level, and he was excited about the possibilities.

One match, in particular, stood out to David. Her name was Maya. Stunningly beautiful, fit, and had an MBA. They shared a passion for travel, fitness, and a love for the outdoors. They hit it off immediately, and David felt he had finally found someone who understood him.

Fast forward a year and a half, and David and Maya are now happily married. They share similar goals and values and are living their best life. David credits Gina for helping him find the love of his life and says that he would never have found her on his own.

In conclusion, David’s experience shows the value of investing in a high-quality matchmaking service. A good matchmaker can provide personalized attention and handpicked matches that meet your criteria. If you’re feeling frustrated with dating apps or traditional matchmaking services, consider a bespoke service with a high level of integrity before you give up.

A few kind words from Gina’s clients

“Can you just do this for me, Gina for the rest of my life? Who wouldn’t want a lifelong membership!”

— Brad K

“Wanted to send you a text right now and say thank you. She is absolutely unbelievable! Perfect in every way -I’m so excited to see her again. Thank you Gina!”

— Chris M

“Gina I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. I was leery after working with other Matchmaker’s. But I’m so glad I didn’t give up and then I found you!! Night and day difference. All of these women are amazing it’s so hard to choose. But I’ll try :-)”

— Michael J

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Q: Who is your client?

A: I work exclusively for men.

Q: Do you work with clients outside of Los Angeles?

A: Yes. I work with clients all over the United States and internationally.

Q: Is this a dating service?

A: No. I only work with men looking for serious relationships.

Q: Are you setting men up with gold-diggers?
A: No. I am extremely protective of the men I represent and any woman who isn’t exceptional in every way will never get access to my clients.
Q: How does your service work?
A: Most men come to me through referrals, but I do give other men the opportunity to work with me. All men will fill out a private profile and then speak directly with me to talk about next steps. This is how I’ll determine if I think we are fit to work together.
Q: Do you have other matchmakers or will I work directly with you?

A: While I have assistants and scouts, you will be working directly with me.

Q: How do you find the women for your clients?

A: I get to know you and learn more about your ideal woman. I look through my database of women (which have been pre-screened and vetted) to determine who will be the perfect match for you.

When I find new women to add to the database, I speak with them directly and have them fill out a profile with detailed questions. If I still think she’s a fit, I will either personally meet her if she’s in LA or, if she’s outside of LA, connect with her over Zoom.

Q: What about privacy? I am very private and do not want women to Google me before I meet them.

A: No problem. I protect everyone’s privacy and never share last names. I also do not share phone numbers or email—I coordinate all the details of the first date. Reservations can even be made under my name if needed.