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If you’re here because you’d like the opportunity of being considered a match for one of Gina’s clients, you have two options.

1. Fill Out a Premium Profile

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This will include in-depth details about you as well as the man you’d like to meet. You’ll also get a follow-up one on one Zoom call with Gina to discuss your profile.


2. Submit a Basic Inquiry

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*Please Note*
We are flooded daily with hundreds of women who hope to be matched with one of Gina’s clients. However, 99.9 % of these basic submissions are very rarely elevated enough in terms of photo choice and limited information to be considered for a client or the database. Yes, Gina provides you with a free basic option here —but if it is not exceptional beyond all others from this tiny snippet that you’re submitting, you will not be considered for her clients.

Gina only works with men who do everything at a premium level, and therefore they expect any potential match to be operating at a similar level in every way.

“Thank you, Gina. Your help was invaluable! I had the BEST time last night. I definitely want to see him again. I could not have done this without you!”

— Becca

Learn about all of the ways Gina is here to help Elevate You to “I Do” !

“I see too many women settle for less than they deserve in so many ways, and it breaks my heart. An EXTRAORDINARY life starts the moment you commit to being your best in every way.”


Q: Can I hire you for matchmaking?

A: Women cannot hire me for Matchmaking, only men.

Q: Do you work with clients outside of Los Angeles?

A: Yes. I work with clients all over the United States and internationally.

Q: How can I get in your database?

A: Either you are scouted by one of my scouts OR you fill out a premium profile.

Q: Will my profile be public for anyone to see?

A: No. The only way for someone to view your profile is if I choose to share it with them. They will never see your full details or your personal information, such as contact info or last name. I protect everyone’s privacy as much as possible.

Q: What am I paying for if I get a premium profile?

A: You are paying to be on my roster and in my database to be presented as a possible match for my clients. You will also receive a follow-up Zoom with me to ensure your profile is as good as it can possibly be.

Q: I filled out a profile but have not been set up.

A: I cannot control when or if I can set you up. One—it has to be the right match and Two—my clients have the final say over who they want to meet. Sometimes I am able to set women up right away with a client, other times it takes much longer. There is no guarantee if I will set you up or not.

Q: What if I submit a basic inquiry only? Will I still be put on your roster?

A: No. A basic inquiry is just a very limited way of making initial contact with me. It does not add you to my roster or put you in my database to be presented to clients.

Q: Are there other ways to get your help?

A: Yes. You can book a call with me for advice, you can buy one of my books, or you can join one of my coaching programs. Learn more.