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We are flooded daily with hundreds of women who hope to be matched with one of Gina’s clients. However, 99.9 % of these basic submissions are very rarely elevated enough in terms of photo choice and limited information to be considered for a client or the database. Yes, Gina provides you with a free basic option here —but if it is not exceptional beyond all others from this tiny snippet that you’re submitting, you will not be considered for her clients.

Gina only works with men who do everything at a premium level, and therefore they expect any potential match to be operating at a similar level in every way.

Thank you, Gina. Your help was invaluable! I had the BEST time last night. I definitely want to see him again. I could not have done this without you!

— Becca

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I see too many women settle for less than they deserve in so many ways, and it breaks my heart. An EXTRAORDINARY life starts the moment you commit to being your best in every way.”