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I’m Gina Hendrix. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and even as a child, I was a natural connector and always hustling to make things happen. At ten years old, I was obsessed with Los Angeles, so much so, I ordered the Los Angeles Yellow Pages and would randomly call people to be able to connect to a place I yearned to be. So, in 1989 I became a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines and got based in Los Angeles. It got my foot in LA, but flying wasn’t my passion. After nine years in the air, I left to become a Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist. I loved clothes, fashion, and great style. 

I rose to the top in my industry over a 10-year career. Even while styling, I was always connecting people with something. People with people. People with animals. People with jobs, houses, events. You name it.

If I thought it could help someone or was essential to share, I’d tell someone about it. And of course, I was setting up with friends, which led to several marriages. I could not deny my ultimate LOVE…connecting people.

Some Quick Facts


  • I am not in the gold-digger business. Men do not need to hire me to find those types of women.
  • I connect the best with the best. Those of substance, style, elegance, intelligence and integrity.
  • If we decide to work together, I am all in and fully committed to this process, as I expect you to be.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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