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How to Keep Your Sanity While Dating

We all want to be in a loving relationship, but it’s just not enough to want one, you have to be ready, willing, and available when the right person comes along. Which means, walking that fine line between being open to any and all possibilities, but not becoming needy or insecure or obsessive along the way. You have to stay in a good place mentally, which usually means keeping your mind busy and having a true passion that fuels you every day. A lot of women say that their true passion is helping people or having a family or in my case, I could say animals. And while that may be true, really, my true passion is my business. Because to me a “passion” is something that you do that takes your mind completely off of yourself, your worries and gets you out of your own head. This is what is absolutely required in order to give you the autonomy and freedom, to not get sucked into the “over thinking” about someone you’re dating. It’s the “over thinking” that’s the killer for any relationship, be it friendship or love. Just let it be. Enjoy the moment and when the moments over, move on (mentally). Don’t linger in your mind ruminating about every detail, every word, every gesture. This is what makes you CRAZY. And believe me, we can all feel that crazy energy coming towards us. So we duck and dive, try to avoid eye contact and begin to slowly, but surely distance ourselves.

No one wants to be bombarded with phone calls or sent tons of texts or cornered into discussing how they feel or what they want too soon into knowing you. The best advice I can give anyone is this: Don’t prejudge too quickly, don’t jump into quickly, don’t over think or over talk about it or even over contact. Just go about your life and let it all evolve at a slow comfortable pace.