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Just Do It!

The road to self-help has many detours and many directions. In other words, there are many options…many routes to take. But, the goal is the same…everyone is trying to get to the same destination, which is called, health and happiness. So, if you are one of those that are constantly seeking this destination…yet it eludes you, then the problem may not be, the route you are taking or the directions that you are following, it just might be that your car is up on one of those mechanic platforms and in the garage. You’re in your car, you’re steering and giving it the gas, you even have the radio blasting and the windows are down…. but all you are really doing is just spinning your wheels. Your car is out of commission, you aren’t leaving the garage. What???

What does this analogy mean? Well, it means that you can go through the motions and you probably think you are doing all you can, to “get there”, but, just going through the motions isn’t enough. If you can’t leave the garage…then it is pointless to do any of the other steps. In other words, you can read all of the self help books you want, you can go to meetings, you can even see a therapist. But, until you…YOU…the inside of you…your brain, until you are ready, willing and able to actually receive the information and put it into action…(not just going through the motions) you are really just wasting your time.

So, how do you really “receive” the information and really begin to make actual changes in your life? The answer is very simple. Maybe too simple, that might be the problem. You stop making excuses and you take action! Now…. not later. You end that bad relationship. You stop dating the bad boys. You throw out the clutter. You exercise. You start making eye contact and smiling at people. You redecorate your place..or move! You find a new career that actually makes you happy! Basically, you take a leap of faith. But, the key is to make real tangible, physical and mental changes. Once you begin this proactive process and you can see the changes right before your very eyes, you will then stay with the process…. and ultimately change your life. You’ve heard it before….”just do it”.

Oprah has said, that she always follows through with everything she wants to do. That means, if she has an idea to do something..she doesn’t just talk about it, she does it. And because she has always been a person of “action”….. that is why she is, where she is, today. Change and progress are in the “doing” not in the “planning” or “just talking about it”. It is better for you to take a leap of faith and “just do it” with no planning or thinking about it…rather than…talks and plan…. with no action. Just do it….today!

But, if you are still making excuses and not making any progress…is there any hope for you?

Well, I think you have to get to a point in your life, where you are just finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Too many people get so caught up in the “journey” or “process”, that they over look the fact that unless their car can leave the garage…. that all they end up doing for years, is just planning the trip. And then it will get to a point where your friends begin to get tired of hearing you talk about the trip….. that never happens! They will start to distance themselves from you. At first, you will complain…about your friends not being around anymore…. then one day…. when you are all alone and you realize that you’ve read all of the “books”…and yet your life hasn’t gotten any better, in fact, it is worse and you aren’t getting any younger…THAT is when you will finally be able to receive help and make great changes in your life. Stop making excuses and start making changes. I have a sign in my bathroom that says “Did you do anything to change your life today?”. I look at that sign (that I made) every night before I go to bed and I ask myself that question and when I can answer “yes”…. I feel so proud of myself.

So…. did you do anything to change your life today?