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Real Talk About The Dating Apps with, Gina Hendrix

Because I continue to hear from so many of you — in regard to how frustrating the dating scene is today — I decided to invite Gina Hendrix to the show. Gina is a dating coach, matchmaker, and author of two books on dating. Her clients include some of the most eligible and sought after billionaires and millionaires and high-profile bachelors around the globe, but on a more relatable level, she’s also the go-to dating and matchmaking expert on countless social media platforms.

Gina tells it like it is! And today, we get to pick her brain and find out what the heck is going on and the best approach to succeed if you’re back on the dating market.

Now, just in case you’re not on the dating market, I guarantee you have friends who are! And you can trust they’re frustrated, too. So be sure to share this episode with them!

You’ll find out:

  • Why there’s nothing really new on dating apps (for maybe 15 years)
  • The top dating apps
  • Should women go out by themselves to meet potential dating prospects?
  • Why both sexes say there’s a shortage of the other sex
  • Red flags to look out for on dating apps
  • Does the quality of one’s dating profile predict future relationship success?
  • Thoughts on photos to use on your profile (e.g., filtered, lifestyle, body shots, etc.)
  • Questions to ask to weed out bad matches
  • How to end conversation with someone
  • Rules/thoughts re: physical intimacy
  • Gina’s feelings on guys who are shirtless in (most of) their pics
  • How to navigate dating multiple people at the same time
  • Fatigue and dating apps
  • What does swipe like a guy mean
  • When to video chat before your (in-person) date
  • How much personal info (e.g., religion, politics, values, etc.) to put in your bio
  • Why you have to be the type of person you want to attract
  • How both sexes define (and look for) a “unicorn”
  • How women tend to ignore the details when looking at mens’ profiles
  • Why nobody can match you better than you
  • The kind of men and women Gina works with
  • Who Gina’s Facebook group is for
  • The importance of mindset in relationships


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