Single and Suffering from “PTDD”?


I get it….you had the WORST experience….that person broke your heart into a million pieces….they really screwed you over big time!


You now believe love ISN’T meant to happen for you! You won’t EVER meet anyone again who compares to that person – they were TheOne! You’re too scared and wary to get back out there. Or you “don’t do/believe in relationships!” All relationships are “doomed”!


Ok–take a breath, what is REALLY happening is, you’re in VICTIM mode and suffering from “Post Traumatic Dating Disorder” or “PTDD”.  Snap out of it!  As I was told before “no one has ever died of a broken heart”.  


Whatever happened is over, it is now in the past. Yes it was s***! And you’re allowed to grieve. But move forward and stop wallowing in that bad experience. Proving how it damaged only prevents you from moving forward and finding happiness once again.


Holding on to the past is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Let it go! I don’t care how much they hurt you, and how they were so “right” for you! Allowing the PAST to live on and dominate your future beliefs about love makes you a victim. It’s an excuse and will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you let it.


You aren’t any less worthy

All relationships aren’t f*****

Not everyone’s a cheater!

Love IS extremely possible and meant for you

There are plenty of GREAT people out there that are easily available to you.


You HAVE  to change the stories you tell yourself! This is the KEY.


Halle Berry, one of the most beautiful women in the world was cheated on! She is proof that bad love experiences has NOTHING to do with you, or how you just aren’t beautiful or good enough!


You’re allowed to make mistakes especially in love! It has no bearing on you and your worthiness. Successful people fail all the time. They just get back up, approach it differently and try again. They don’t give up or change their beliefs or think they’re somehow doomed!


Don’t idealize and give someone else so much power that they impact and have a hold on your future happiness way after they have left.


Stop clinging onto your baggage. You have all the power depending on how you choose to show up. Create a new (baggage free) story, replace it with new beliefs about how excited you are for your future and allow it to be your new truth and it will, in turn become your new reality.