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“Women Have a Shelf Life”

It boggles my mind at how many people walk around with a false sense of reality. Unbelieveable…and sad. I had a man yesterday, tell me about how women have a “shelf life” and this was from a man who said he was 49..and had clearly had a facelift and WAY too much botox! Good God! Or how about the woman who entered her info to be part of my database, said her age was 48…then showed up to my recent event….and was not a day under 60! Men in their 50’s and 60’s think it is reasonable to only want to date women 30 to 40. Well…I’m here to tell you then…..you better be RICH. Because there ain’t no woman 30 to 40 looking for a man 50 to 60…unless he is going to upgrade her lifestyle, substantially. And women….the only reason most younger guys will date an older woman, is either they think she’ll be an easy lay or she’ll be their sugar momma. Here’s another thing….you don’t look younger when you get all of that crap done to your face. In fact, it makes you look older…you look like an older person who’s trying very hard to look young, except you really just look freakish.Do yourself a favor, keep it real..be happy the way you are and get a grip on reality. What is most important is what is on the inside…and no amount of plastic surgery or lies will help you find love and happiness..if you’re not happy with yourself anyway.