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Check His/Her References

This week I have been talking about how we are so eager to open our arms…and our hearts to someone merely based on what we see in front of us. As if, that persons history has no bearing what so ever on the here and now. And let me tell you..it does and it should! We have historians for a reason….so, that facts and information..good and bad..will NEVER be forgotten. Why is someones credit history so important? Because tells a story of a persons character and accountability. Yet, why is it…when a man or a woman shows up..in the right clothes…with the hot body or beautiful car..or just telling us what we want to hear in that moment…that, that is all it takes. We choose to ignore or even look into the persons history or moral character. Has he/she ever cheated? “Well, he/she won’t with me!” Has that person ever neglected their child? “Well, they wouldn’t do that to our child!” Has that person ever committed a crime, had drug convictions, gotten fired from jobs or even been irresponsible with their pets?

If you were worked for a car dealership and you reviewed the persons credit report, would you be able to give him the car? If you were interviewing this person to work for you, would you hire them based on their work history and personal references? Stop and think for a minute…..if you wouldn’t even consider hiring this person….based on their proven track record…then why on earth would you allow yourself the possibility of falling in love with them? The answer is simple. You place more value in protecting the interest of a company, than in, protecting your own heart and future. Isn’t your heart…your life…a little more valuable than a car? Of course it is! So, in the future..before the “I love yous” get the facts, ask the questions, listen to the answers and let their story..their personal history…be the deciding factor…not the wine and roses. Because once the romance is gone..all that you and your heart will be left with..is the persons moral character.