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Prince Charming

When I ask women to tell me what type of man they are looking for, they describe what all good fantasies are made of..tall, handsome, smart, funny, fit, wealthy. And basically, what they should just say is…”I’m looking for prince charming”. Because let’s face it..since we were kids..every happy ending was the average girl, damsel in distress, slave or princess..always being rescued and riding off into the sunset with prince charming. So, it has become in grained in our subconscious, when asked of our ideal man..to say, prince charming. But, I think the key is not that he is a prince or good looking, tall, smart, or George Clooney…the key to getting any lady, is the “charming” part. And if you’re charming enough, she will see you as her prince..no matter what you look like or how much money you have.

So, I started wondering what is charm?

And here is what I’ve come up with so far…feel free to add your own ideas of “charm”.

Confidence…combined with smart…quick-witted….polite banter.

I think is one form.

I think taking charge….combined with a big smile…..and an attitude of “Hey..Life’s great”…is another way to be charming.

Not being needy or foolish or rude or too cocky or too nice.

A man who won’t be taken advantage of…but, who also won’t trick or take advantage of a woman. He makes a woman feel safe, protected. He can be funny, smart and counted on. But, can walk away without being mad or hurt…because…he’s his own man.and doesn’t need a woman to tell him that. Or validate his worth. He knows his worth; he’s happy and secure..but, not cocky…or too cocky.