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How to Survive Valentines Day—without a Valentine

I don’t think Valentines day is as big a deal to guys as it is to us ladies. So, I know that my single ladies out there could use some good advice for the big day coming up February 14th. So what’s a girl to do?

Here are my best suggestions, so that you avoid that “pity party of one”.

  1. A wine tasting party at your house followed by watching Bridesmaids.
  2. Sex and the City anyone? Make your best Cosmo-tini and watch old episodes of Sex and the City.
  3. Roller Skating at an old roller rink is always good for retro music and laughs.
  4. For lowbrow fun—Beers and bowling.
  5. Throw a dinner party for any of your friends that don’t have plans—guys or girls, make it a potluck and everyone can bring a dish and another single
  6. If you have no single friends, it’s always important to be able to enjoy your own company. So, cook yourself an amazing dinner, with some great wine followed by your favorite movie.
  7. Take that yoga/meditation class that you keep putting off.
  8. Spa night—hit the spa after work for a massage and sauna.
  9. Go shopping—and get ready this year to meet someone special.
  10.  If all else fails, a little kitchen fire ladies, will result in a house full of firemen. 😉

And remember, I always say, be glad that you’re not in love or stuck with someone who makes you unhappy—unfortunately too many people are in relationships with the wrong person. You, on the other hand are completely available when the right man comes along. And that’s a wonderful thing!