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Being Authentic

Being authentic and secure are the two magical ingredients to having everything in life.

When people do things based on insecurity their actions and motivations are not authentic and therefore they will never attain what they truly desire.

When you give money to get love and you are only giving money from an insecure place—it will ultimately repel the person you are trying “to get”. You will only attract those who seek to take advantage of a weakness or vulnerabilty that they sense in you.

But if you give money because it makes you feel generous and you want–really want to lift someone up and make their life better–simply because you can and giving makes you happy in a masculine “provider” way, then this is sexy and you will be a magnate for everything you want.

When you give sex to get attention and desire from someone, again you will be taken advantage of. When you give sex freely because you truly love to love and it comes from an authentic place–you will be a magnate attracting love everywhere.

And the same rules apply to anyone you are attracting in your life. Are you constantly complaining because “women are goldd diggers?” Then you are probably a person who is VERY shallow and only concerned about someone’s external appearance. If that is the case, then OF COURSE you are going to only attract superfisical shallow women—because my friend, they are a relfection of you.

If you are a woman who only meets “Bad Guys” or “D-bags” it’s because they are the only ones you choose to see. And promise you–you are not the sweet easy going girl who REALLY wants a nice guy, right?

Learn to do things differently–self refelect and dig deep–then the deeper and more genuine you are as a person–the better people you will attract.