2023: 15 Years of Exceptional Matchmaking: Delivering a 98% Success Rate!

Why High-Profile Men Need a Gatekeeper for Their Love Lives

Why do men hire matchmakers? Most people would assume it’s because they’re struggling to meet women or because they’re really bad at dating. This may be true sometimes, but it’s not as common as you think — and it’s never the case with my clients.

This is a huge misconception in matchmaking. Even some of my own clients are distrustful of matchmaking — until they learn more about what I do. I’m a billionaires’ matchmaker who works exclusively with the world’s most affluent men. I’m not here to help them find arm candy. I’m not here to help them find their next hookup. I’m not here to give them tips about how to be more charming or help them nail a second date.

High-profile men don’t need help meeting women. They’re in the spotlight and always have an invite to the next big event. They mingle with royalty, political figures, and celebrities. They’re surrounded by beautiful women (which is important because who they have on their arms matters). They’re attractive and charming, which has women clamoring to win their attention. So, you may be wondering: “Gina, why would they even need your help?”

Glad you asked! Unlike the average person, the elite men I work with have TOO many women to choose from. They’re literally turning down models left and right. This is why they hire me. The men who work with me aren’t looking for their next fling. They can walk out their front door and get a girl at any time. My clients hire me because they want the REAL thing. They’re finally looking for quality over quantity, and that’s what I’m here for: to give them access to extraordinary women they’ll want to settle down with. I’m here to help my guys find their soulmates.

It’s not enough to just have a pretty face, trust me. I’ve seen my guys turn down the most mind-blowingly gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models because they didn’t have more going for them than their looks. They may buy these beautiful women presents and treat them to luxurious vacations and expensive dinners, but they’ll never make it permanent. I tell ladies all the time that I know it sucks, but I also understand that the women these men want (and NEED) to settle down with have to be intelligent and intellectually curious. They should be passionate about life, have their own dreams and goals, and be excited about expanding their knowledge.

This is what my clients want in a relationship — to feel like that other person is their true life partner. This is what it takes to create power couples, and these are the only kinds of couples I bring together.

My guys ask me all the time: “But Gina, does she own her own home?”, “Gina, what’s her biggest accomplishment?”

This is why I personally handpick and vet each woman I add to my network. As much as the media makes us believe that beauty is all that matters, I know that’s not true for my clients. They want women with integrity and substance. When they’re ready to find that, they come to me. And that’s why I have a 98% success rate setting up elite men with their soulmates.